Sunday, December 5, 2010

A little of this and a little of that

Over the Thanksgiving holiday there was a lot of skiing going on. A couple of tours in the backcountry, and a couple of days at Solitude with the kids. Here are a couple of photos to tell the story.

Thanksgiving morning we got up early for a quick tour. Turned out it wasn't so quick after we hit a sketchy spot on the top of Mount Superior and decided to back off it and take a detour. Good times either way.

Hitching a ride back up with hill to retrieve the cars.

 Friday it was just me and the girls for a day on the hill. They are getting really good and lots of fun to ski with.

We took P-diddy up the next day thinking we would schlep him around in the baby backpack. At the last minute I threw in a pair of skis and boots for him thinking he might like to slide around a bit. He liked it a lot and the baby backpack stayed in the car all day. We had a tough time convincing this guy to come off the hill. He told me on the lift ride up that we were both Batman. "We have capes and that's why we can fly up the mountain"!

Here he is in the lodge attacking that hamburger the same way he attacks his sisters with his Batman pajamas on. He says he likes to wear his hair "Fikey"!

I've got a new ski buddy!


  1. This grandson is amazing! Jonnie is a fabulous father! Gina a wonderful mother!

  2. so YOU are one those dads that takes their three year olds skiing?!!? i must admit, when i went skiing at lake tahoe over christmas break watching the little kids was my favorite part... =]

    we miss you!!!